RMIT University

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RMIT University is an Australian university of technologyand design based in Melbourne, Victoria. RMIT was founded in 1887 by grazier,politician and public benefactor the Hon Francis Ormond—as the Working Men'sCollege of Melbourne.Its foundation campus is located in Melbourne City, and isa contiguous part of the northern area of the city centre. It opened as a nightschool for instruction in art, science and technology—to support theindustrialisation of Melbourne during the 19th century. It had an initial enrollmentof 320 students. In addition to its Melbourne City foundation campus, RMITalso has two radial campuses in the Melbourne metropolitan area—located in thenorthern suburbs of Bundoora and Brunswick; as well as training and researchsites in the Melbourne metropolitan area and the Grampians state region—locatedin the western suburb of Point Cook and the town of Hamilton respectively.Outside Australia, it has two branch campuses in Asia—located in Ho Chi MinhCity and Hanoi, Vietnam;and a coordinating centre in Europe—located inBarcelona, Spain.

Other Name

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

school: RMIT University

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia