Menara TA One

November 12, 2015 megacities

Menara TA One

Menara TA One

from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (马来西亚)


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Office Building

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Menara Budaya

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The Menara TA One Building is situated in the middle of Kuala Lumpur adjacent to the Petronas Towers and within easy walking distance of bus and metro stops. The rectangular site is oriented 38.6° off of cardinal and the building form is curved at the north and south ends to minimize the surface area exposed to the midday sun and thereby reduce insolation.  The elevator and bathroom cores are located on the northeast facade to shield the offices from morning sun and allow the core spaces to be naturally ventilated and daylit. The 37-story, 112-meter tall building has a ground floor entry, seven levels of car parking, 24 stories of office space, and a rooftop terrace.  The generous double-height entry space was originally designed as a naturally-ventilated transition between outside and inside, but it has been subsequently glazed in to provide a conditioned foyer.  The car park floors are all completely naturally ventilated. The 1544 m2 office floors are designed for maximum flexibility.  Because of the perimeter columns, multiple tenants can be easily and quickly accommodated.  The offices are finished with carpet or tile floors, gypsum board interior partitions, and acoustic ceiling panels.  They use primarily fluorescent trough lighting, but highlights are provided by BLC and halogen downlights.  The office floors are also characterized by balconies on alternate floors.

Building Information


22 Jalan P. Ramlee, Kawasan Perancangan Pusat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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sq. m.

Basement Ground Floor


Building Structure Height

151 Meters

Gross Floor Area

sq. m.

Client, Consultant, Architect


Menara TA One


TA Enterprise


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Building Technology

The typical facade is a glass stick-system curtain wall hung from a reinforced concrete structure with vertical aluminum mullions and silicon joints.  The glass is single pane 6mm thick blue, reflective tempered float glass.  Horizontal aluminum grill sunshades project from the window wall to shade the south-west facade (36.8° south of west).  Eggcrate sunshades composed of white-painted aluminum sheets shade the lowest eight stories of the office block.  Some of the glazed area is openable to allow natural ventilation in case of power outage.  The reflective, colored glass and external sunshades reduce insolation, and the full-height glazing allows unrestricted views while maximizing daylight admission.  Full-height vertical fabric blinds help reduce glare and heat gain.  There is no automated building control system, but the building management has set up protocols for energy conservation: lights and air conditioning are switched off during lunch hour and from 7pm to 7am.


    [*] Menara Budaya occupies a narrow rectangular site.[/*][*] Viewed along one of the city's principal boulevards, Menara Budaya appears in the foreground beneath the twin towers of Cesar Pelli's Petronas Buildings, but it is in no menas overawed by its lofts neighbor.[/*][*] The service-core, which consists of the lift lobby, toilets, fire stairs, and mechanical and electrical (M&E) rooms, is located on the east side of the structure. It acts as a barrier or shield, keeping the morning sun out of the offices, while allowing natural lighting into the core areas.[/*][*] The typical internal office floors are column-free. The external skin is glazed with tempered float glass and there are a variety of sun-shading devices on the west- and south-facing facades.[/*][*] The roof-top level is used as a communal space, and a tensile membrane structure provides protection to an entertainment area.[/*][/list][/list]

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