Lippmann Associates

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Lippmann Associates

Lippmann Associates

from Sydney, New South Wales in Australia

  • 570 Crown Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales 2010 Australia
  • New South Wales 2010 Australia
  • (+61)-2-9318-0844
  • (+61)-2-9319-2230


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Ed Lippmann's work is intrinsically linked to the place and time in which he operates. His architecture is a response to its physical context--Sydney, Australia--the spectacular Asian/Pacific city where he grew up and is now established. His work is at the forefront of the search for appropriate technologies and in that respect, contributes to the global zeitgeist at the commencement of the 21st century. Ed Lippman acknowledges the influence of his modern heroes. Nevertheless, for him, modernism is not a fixed style or static dogma but rather a continuously evolving historical phenomenon affected by developing social economic and technical conditions. An appreciation and interpretation of site , whether it be that of a suburban dweeling or a public building in an urban 'conservation area', has led to the realization of projects considered by others to be merely a dream. Lippmann Associates has been involved in a range of residential, commercial, retail, industrial and institutional projects in Australia, the USA, and Southeast Asia. The consistent ability to satisfy, and in many cases exceed, the client brief through and understanding of constructability, structure and aesthetics has led to Lippmann Associates' emergence as an innovative force in contemporary architecture. A commitment to innovation, and the search for and implementation of fresh, viable and environmentally sympathetic solutions are the hallmarks of this organization.

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