Flower and Samios

May 19, 2016 delacruz

Flower and Samios

Flower and Samios

from Sydney, New South Wales in Australia

  • PO Box 852, Globe, New South Wales 2037 Australia
  • email@flowerandsamios.com
  • New South Wales 2037 Australia
  • (+61)-2-9660-9977
  • (+61)-2-9660-0545


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Flower and Samios specializes in aged-care facilities, creating innovative buidings which are highly appropriate for their intended use, sit comfortably in their environment, and provide a home-like, community setting. The architects take times to thoroughly understand the clients' and residents' needs and aspirations for the building, design-wise financially, ensuring a successful outcome, sustainable into the future. Buildings are positioned to maximize light and ventilation, rendering them energy efficient and environmentally sound. Flower and Samios keeps clients fully informed of progress, and gives them access to their own up-to-date files over the internet. Estensive use of CAD allows clients to "see" what the building will look like, and possible alternatives. This thorough, positive, and inclusive method of working clients has resulted in a large volume of repeat business over the firm's 21-year history.

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