Ancher Mortlock Woolley

May 19, 2016 delacruz

Ancher Mortlock  Woolley

Ancher Mortlock Woolley

from Sydney, New South Wales in Australia

  • PO Box K353 Haymarket, New South Wales 2000 Australia
  • New South Wales 2000 Australia
  • (+61)-2-9211-4466
  • (+61)-2-9211-9733


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Established in 1946 by Sydney Ancher, AMW has always stood at the forefront of architectural design in Australia, often receiving the proffesions' highest award. Its three original partners are all recipients of the RAIA Gold Medal. AMW has undertaken a broad range and scale of architectural and urban design projects in eastern Australia, the Pacific Rim region, South East Asia and the PRC. These have included residential, medical research, educational, transportation, sporting and convention faculties, libraries, law courts, hotels, and special purpose buildings. The principals are experienced architects who work closely with their clients, and are committed to design quality and innovation. A proven ability to solve unique problems os a disctinctive characteristic of pratice's design approach.

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