Peter  O Gorman

July 16, 2015 moderndesigner

Peter  O Gorman

Architect Peter  O Gorman

from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia

  • 9 Ormond Tce, Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Indooroopilly QLD 4068, Australia
  • +61 417761395
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Description, Philosophy, History

Peter’s fundamental belief was that architecture came from the spirit, one of its geneses being the land, or the specifics of place. His works aimed at sophisticated evolution: growth through Van Eykean concepts of reciprocity.Peter made this an extraordinary art, where a precious and very particular gesture could offer many directions for further development in the broader context. Peter was also fascinated by space and the subtlety of its nuances, exploring particularly the interrelationship of interior and exterior.He relied on tectonics, on the physicality of making, expressed itself in a belief in craft and truth to material, and a passion for fine carpentry.
Peter Harry O’Gorman graduated from the University of [url=]Queensland[/url] in 1964, winning numerous prizes including the A. E. Brooks Travelling Scholarship, and started a sole practice as well as teaching at UQ. In the 1960s, Peter completed what have become known as the “three by one and a half” houses – three small, inexpensive houses using the same builder and the same detailing, constructed from hardwood offcuts, which were then cheap, assembled in repeated clusters and fully demountable. This early approach to system building allowed people with little money access to high-quality architecture, and provided again a practical laboratory for Peter’s deeply rooted but entirely pragmatic theoretical approach.Architect Peter O’Gorman died on 19 October 2001, made architecture his life’s work.


School Attended:
University of Queensland, 1964


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