Glenn Murcutt

July 15, 2015 newhouse

Glenn Murcutt

Architect Glenn Murcutt

from Sydney, New South Wales in Australia

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Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea, Australia

Description, Philosophy, History

Architect Glenn Murcutt is a London Born Architect with Australian parents. He graduated B.S. Architecture at the Sydney Technical College in 1961.Most of Murcutt's works are residential and institutional buildings in Australia. He is very influencial as an educator and a designer, considering that he has a relatively sized architecture firm.A key to Architect Glenn Murcutt work is the focus on the environment such as wind direction, water movement, temperature and light. His palette of material includes glass, stone, timber and steel which highlights the beauty of the landscape.In 2002, Architect Glenn Marcutt won the Pritzker Prize in Archtiecture, one of the highest distinctions in architecture. This is a testament to his influence as an architect.
Buildings should open and close and modify and re-modify and blinds should turn and open and close, open a little bit without complication. They should do all these things. That is a part of architecture for me, the resolution of levels of light that we desire, the resolution of the wind that we wish for, the modification of the climate as we want it. All this makes a building live.Murcutt's philosophy, 'touch the earth lightly', allows him to design his works which have minimum impact on the beautiful Australian landscape. His works not only multifunctional but are practical.A style doesn't have any depth of principles behind it. A style, you can do this or do that or do something else. This is nothing to do with that. This is understanding where the orientation is, it's understanding where the cooling winds come from, it understands that you produce the bedroom at the eastern end because by the time the sun's gone to the western end, it's heating up enormously, the bedroom cools down. And you get verandas on the south, you get verandas on the north and so you design it so that you've got your winter sun penetration and exclusion of your summer sun to the house. And you work this house and you work most of my buildings like you sail a yacht. You have to work them so that you understand how to get the best out of the climate without having to aircondition.
Architect Glenn Murcutt grew up in Papua New Guinea and studied at Manly Boys' High School. It was in this phase of his life that he gained an appreciation for tropical architecture and vernacular forms that is evident in his style.Glenn Murcutt's worked for many architects, such as Neville Gruzman, Ken Woolley and Bryce Mortlock. These mentors exposed him to their style of organic architecture that mimics the functions of nature.In 1969, Glenn Murcutt started his own practice in the Sydney. His office in Mosman, New South Wales became his working base. He also lectures and teaches architectural studies as a professor at the UNSW Faculty of Built Environment.


School Attended:
Degree in Architecture from the University of New South Wales Technical College in 1961


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the RAIA Gold Medal of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in 1992the Alvar Aalto Medal in 1992Officer of the Order of Australia in 1996the Richard Neutra Award for Teaching in 1998[6]the 'Green Pin' Award from the Royal Danish Academy of Architects in 1999the Thomas Jefferson Medal for Architecture in 2001the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 2002the Kenneth F. Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Architecture Award in 2003the AIA Gold Medal Award in 2009.